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Customer Service Training in Connecticut to Increase ROI
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Learn How to Handle Difficult Customers with Customer Service Training

Customer Service in Connecticut

We individually design each customer service training workshop. Each program is made to fit each company’s style, goals and objectives.

We Tailor Our Customer Service Training Workshop to Suit Your Business Model

Each training program is customized and highly interactive with:

• Individual meetings with each sales representative to find ways to calm the nerves of the most difficult customers

• Limited class size to provide individual attention

• Real-world techniques in customer service for the Connecticut marketplace.

• Role playing exercises to bolster retention of the material and to shape the customer service technique to the personality and style of each representative.

Turn Complaints into Compliments with Our Customer Service Training Techniques! Take a look at what we have to offer!

Two Sample Customer Service Programs:

• Half-Day Seminar – A.W.A.R.D.-Winning Customer Service

• Full-Day Seminar – The Art of Turning Challenge into Cheers



In this program, customer service representatives receive proven customer service techniques to allow them to control conversations quickly and diffuse heated situations.

Customer ServiceCustomer service representatives will learn:

• Ways to build rapport and long term business and customer service relationships

• How to immediately gain the customer’s attention and make a good first impression.

• Five sets of questions to build trust and find the needs of each prospect The #1 technique to use on the objection of a stubborn customer

• Eight key steps that reveal the hidden reasons as to why a customer can’t “let go” of an issue

• Three-part method that emphasizes the benefits of your answer rather than that of the competition

• Seven solutions that leave the customer smiling

• Reinforcement of all of these techniques through role-playing and training exercises so that they become second nature


This customer service seminar provides your support team with all the skills and techniques necessary to increase customer satisfaction, no matter what their level of expertise.

Includes all the benefits and customer service training techniques incorporated in the 1/2-Day seminar plus:

• How to boost positive word of mouth in any situation, no matter how heated it may be

• How to examine benefits and discuss solutions instead of issues

• How to transform customer complaints into repeat business

• Four strategies to improve listening skills of customer service representatives

• How to understand the reasons behind customer complaints and how to use this knowledge

• How to understand body language and decipher the true meaning of a prospect’s spoken words

• Nine exercises that illustrate how to deal with the most popular customer service issues

• Nine exercises to pinpoint and deal with challenges that prevent reps from reaching their full potential

Our customer service training clones your top performers.

Before we deliver a workshop, we study both your business and industry. Our customer service training includes techniques used by your team’s top performers.

They are held at any location convenient for you, or at our Connecticut Training Center where workshops are also held. No matter the location—Stamford, Hartford, or down in Bridgeport—Training For Success can be there with ease.

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