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Connecticut Telemarketing TrainingSales representatives might find that telemarketing is a tough skill to master, but here at Training for Success, our 30 years of experience make it easy as we can give you the right tools to grasp this skill. Whether you have the goal of making appointments in a cost-effective way or closing a call successfully, we can help. Through our custom-tailored telemarketing training which includes script structure as part of the implementation of our telemarketing program, your organization will see quick and effective results.

Master the Skill of Telemarketing with Customized Training

Give your sales troops the skills they need to succeed!

Asking the proper questions is important, but what is equally important is that you analyze and use answers to progress towards a close. Each of our telemarketing training workshops shows you how to develop trust through building a rapport with sales prospects. Our workshops also show sales reps how to uncover answers through acquired listening skills. Sales representatives will also learn about key factors or “hot buttons” that will influence them to prompt a close with prospects.


Our telemarketing training workshops will work with your sales team to develop skills needed to properly close. Through our RADAR© telemarketing training, your sales force will learn how to speak conversationally to prospects, allowing the prospect to understand what they need, why they need it, and how your team can supply them with the service or product.

Training for Success Customizes All Training Programs for your Particular Team and Industry

A sample telemarketing training program outline can be viewed below:



  1. Build Rapport with Clients
  2. Define and Ask about Difficulties (what does the customer need?)
  3. Develop Credibility, Affirmations, and Trust
  4. Get Results (let the prospect admit to what he needs)


  1. The prospect has a chance to talk about what is important to him or her
  2. Emphasis is placed on needs rather than assumptions during the conversation.
  3. The prospect becomes clear about the benefits of the product or service, and the salesperson obtains the desired results.

Telemarketing TrainingD.) HOW TO ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS

  1. Knowing where to begin
  2. How to lead the prospect through your presentation
  3. Tying up loose ends or bridging gaps
  4. Being sure to lead the call instead of follow


  1. Highlight product benefits
  2. Noticing clues throughout the presentation (understanding the signs a prospect gives that he or she is interested in product or service)
  3. You should aim to help prospects fulfill their needs and reach their goals.


Using RADAR, your sales representatives will develop the telesales strategies to lead prospects through a presentation, helping them to understand their needs and therefore prompt your sales reps to close the sale.

You’re just one call away from a personalized telemarketing training workshop!

Each telemarketing training workshop is industry, company, and team-specific. We create it specifically for you. Each workshop also incorporates the skills, tools, and techniques used by your team's best performers.

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