Sales Training Tip: Be An Active Listener

Sales Training Tip: Be An Active Listener in Stamford CT

Connecticut Sales TrainingIn order to sell effectively you must always focus on your customer’s needs. Few, if any of us, are mind-readers. Therefore the way we learn about our customer’s needs is through asking questions and making sure we listen to what we’re actually told.

In order to actively listen to the customer’s needs:
1. Plan in advance. Prepare questions and responses. Know your product as well as additional details for your presentation. Speaking to a customer is much simpler when you are (and appear) knowledgeable about what you are selling. Proper preparation will allow you to focus on the prospect rather than what you are saying.
2. Talk only as much as you need to. Speak less and listen more! Allow the customer space to ask questions and think through the presentation.
3. Take the point of view of the client. Imagine what it’s like to speak with a salesperson and questions that might come up as a result. Seeing things from the client’s point of view will help you to develop answers to questions a client may have.
4. Stay focused. Personal problems can easily sabotage active listening, a successful meeting or presentation; therefore you have to keep them out of your professional life. The customer is the most important and should get your full focus during this time.
5. When you do speak, ask questions and use interjections. Keep the client’s interest by rephrasing words in the form of a question. Make statements such as, “What you are saying is…?” in order to stay on track with the conversation. Also, show that you are listening by occasionally interjecting phrases such as “uh huh” or “I see”.
6. Never interrupt a client. Not only is interrupting a client rude, but it sends the message that what he or she is saying is not important enough for them to finish. Listen intently, and be mindful of the fact that a pause may not indicate the end of a thought. A pause might just mean that the client is thinking of what to say next.
7. Be mindful of what a client doesn’t say. Words alone do not convey a message. Pay attention to a client’s body language in order to see the whole picture. A simple gesture could convey either fear or interest.
8. React to the idea and not the person. A client is not guaranteed to like what you are selling, so do not become offended if they object to something in your presentation. Customers may also have accents, and you should focus on their words and ideas rather than the accent.
One of the easiest sales training tips is to learn to actively listen although many reps find it one of the hardest to do. Listen carefully. Truly hear what the customer says. Learn their needs and your sales will constantly increase. Closing is easy when you have what the customer wants and needs.

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