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Our Sales Training & Coaching Workshops In Connecticut Help Your Company Set Sales Records

Not all environments are the same—what works in one may not work in another. That is why Training for Success tailors each training workshop to fit the specific goals, style and objective of your company.

Develop Your Sales Force with Sales Training
& Coaching Programs That Use:

• The lessons learned are bolstered by role-playing exercises
• Lessons are shaped to fit the selling style of each representative
• Individual meetings that reinforce motivational techniques and design them to fit the selling style of each salesperson
• Personal attention is provided through limited class sizes
• Sales discipline methods based on real world experience, developed for your marketplace
• Techniques in sales training that guarantee improved sales rates

Connecticut Sales Training & Coaching

View the Sample Course Outline for Sales Workshops Below:

  • Beyond Sales Training 101
  • Guiding the Prospect to the Close
  • Developing Rapport/Developing Your Presentation

Custom Sales Workshop Programs & Sample Outlines:



This program offers proven sales techniques that enable your representatives to quickly gain control of the call. Sales representatives will learn:

• Techniques that build rapport to establish long-term relationships in sales

• 11 ways to make a good first impression and gain the attention of your prospect

• Four sets of questions that establish trust with the prospect, allowing you to uncover the prospect's needs

• The one technique that will allow you to handle any objection

• Eight steps to uncover the concealed reasons why the prospect does not want to buy

• Four-part technique to emphasize the benefits of your product over those of your competitor

• 10 closes that will give powerful results

Role playing exercises in our sales training workshops reinforce the techniques so they become second nature to your sales force.

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This sales seminar will give your salespeople all the skills and techniques needed to increase sales, efficiently close, and exceed quotas, regardless of their level of expertise.

This seminar includes the benefits and sales training techniques of the 1-Day seminar.

In addition your representatives will learn:

• Nine ways that will show the worth and quality of your product

• Three steps that highlight the advantages of a product instead of its features

• 15 ways to create a one-of-a-kind presentation

• Four ways to improve the listening skills of your sales reps

• How to increase the amount of cold calls by 20% or more using a four-point system

• Six ways to deal with the most popular objections from prospects

• How to reach your full potential through the use of setting goals and visualization


This seminar aims to improve every facet of your sales reps’ presentations. With a thorough review of proven sales strategies, role-playing exercises, and practice that also includes videotaping.

In addition to effective sales techniques, this seminar also includes all of the techniques of the 2-day seminar plus:

Sales representatives will also learn:

• How to see yourself from the prospect’s viewpoint

• The five reasons why a prospect will buy a product or service and how to use this information to prompt a close

• How to use networking to secure prospects that are worthwhile

• How to find the emotional “Trigger” for every sale

• How to use all of the strategies and information learned to create a presentation

Sales Programs Created specifically for your Company. Call us today!

We tailor our sales programs to your business, industry, and team. Each sales program also utilizes the sales skills and tools that your top performers use. The program can be given at a location of your choosing or at our Connecticut Training Center.

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