Sales Training: Handling a Prospect’s Objections

Sales Training Tips: Qualified Prospects have Objections, Too in Stamford CT

When handling objections, remember to try and think about what your prospect might be thinking and feeling. If you are able to recognize that, it puts you in a great position to relate with their internal dialogue and answer those objections more effectively to complete the sale. In order to find out what the prospect is thinking, ask them questions – a lot of questions. Listen to their answers.

Many salespeople get anxious at the thought of objections. It’s much easier to manage them when you understand that most of them are due to uncertainty on the prospect’s part. It’s in your best interest as a salesperson to want to learn how to handle objections because you are facing them every day, whether they are outwardly stated or not.

Sales Training Tips: Look at Objections from the Prospect’s Point of View in Stamford CT

Objections are not necessarily welcomed or fun (they can even be frustrating), but they are part of the sales process. When you are faced with an objection, see it as a sign of the prospect’s interest – that they are thinking about moving forward and just want to be reassured they are making a good decision. Remember the vast majority of prospect’s have some sort of fear associated with decision-making, so they will initially put up a defensive wall (even if just for a moment) and resist somewhat.

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